The DocuPunch® MK2 is the latest
generation automatic punch from the James Burn Lhermite® line. Designed for
accurate mid-volume automatic
punching on demand, punching
preprinted, collated documents directly from your copier or printer including mixed stocks from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index. Also punching index tabs that are pre-collated into the finished sets.
The latest generation DocuPunch® MK2 Automatic Punch has 3 cycle speeds
allowing it to punch up to 35,000 sheets per hour. The new version of the
DocuPunch® now comes with
3 selectable speeds (50, 60 or 70 cycles per minute) to offer more productivity and more security for a wider range of punching jobs.
In real world applications you can expect to see production rates up to 25,000 sheets per hour based on a 20 lb. bond stock allowing time for the operator to load and unload stacks of paper.

• Very Fast - Cycle Speeds up to 35,000 sheets per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing.
• 3 Selectable Speeds - 50, 60 or 70 cycles/minute to offer more productivity and more security for a wider
range of punching jobs.
• Versatile - Punches wide variety of paper stocks and coversand even tabbed sheets in sizes from 5.5” x 5.5” up
to 12” x 13” kept in perfect pre-collated order.
• Easy-to-Use - Hands-free operation. Simply load the tray, push a button and walk away. No special training or personnel required.
• Unique Paper Handling - Positive sheet pickup with beak, and 3-sided jogger for perfect punching registration.
• Ergonomically Styled - Allows all operations, including punch die changes, to be performed quickly and easily from the front of the machine. Incorporates integral storage space for three tools.
• Tools Available - Wide choice of round and square-hole punching dies including: Wire-O®wire; Plastic Coil;
Plastic Comb; VeloBind®; 2, 3 & 4-ring binder; etc.
• Safety & Auto-Stop - Built-in facilities to help avoid paper jams and increase safety.
• Compact - Benefits from a very small footprint without compromising on power and quality.
• Installation - Lockable caster wheels allow quick and easy machine placement.


Wire-O®BIND 3500 / 5000
The versatile WOB3500/5000 is designed to work alongside the Alpha-Doc® and Docu-Punch®
automatic punching machines. It is the perfect high speed Wire-O® nishing solution for today’s
modern in-plant, digital and “on demand” printing environments, where ease of use, versatility
and productivity are a must. The semi-automatic WOB3500/5000 is fast, yet simple to operate with
all size and format set ups instantly adjustable by user-friendly “touch screen” with no manual
adjustment for all Wire-O® sizes up to 1-1/4".

• User-friendly and ecient: Simple touch screen controlling all dynamic size and format adjustments, settings and changeovers. No special training required.
Wire size changeovers in less than 5 minutes. Books delivered onto a static reception tray or on a conveyor belt.
• Versatile: Finishes all 3:1” and 2:1” pitch Wire-O® sizes from 1/4 to 1-1/4" with maxi 3 skip binds. Finishes all documents with ush cut and oversize covers
as well as tabbed sheets.
• Outstanding productivity : 500 to 1,000 books per hour depending on format, paper quality and operator skill.
• Hanger feeder : The optional hanger feeder for the WOB3500/5000 is a simple plug and play unit. It inserts hangers automatically with output rate of 350 to 500 calendars per hour.