SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® vs. Wire-O® Spool Comparison:
This comparison shows for each size the number of "SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Loops per Box" versus the number of "Loops per Spool" of traditionally packaged Wire-O®. The "Spool Equivalent per Box" shows how many spools equal one box of SnakeSkin™ Wire-O®.

Size SSW Loops/Box Loops/Spool Spool Equivalent/Box
1/4" 210,000 90,000 2.3
5/16" 174,000 60,000 2.9
3/8" 126,000 47,000 2.7
7/16" 110,000 32,000 3.4
1/2" 85,000 26,750 3.2
9/16" 70,000 22,000 3.2
5/8" 37,000 11,000 3.4
3/4" 27,000 8,150 3.3
7/8" 20,000 5,150 3.9
1" 17,000 4,600 3.7



Now choose original Wire-O® on spools or SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Wrapping!

What is SnakeSkin™ Wire-O®?  SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® is Wire-O® that is packaged in a flexible plastic "Skin" that completely protects the wire, while gaining more loops per box. By removing the Spool core we are able to package 3 to 5 times as many loops into a box! The result is fewer changeovers and downtime in your binding operation equaling more books bound per day. In addition the disposal costs associated with traditional spools is completely eliminated!

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases Productivity up to 15% 
  • One box of SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® holds up to 3 times as many loops as a spool depending on size and pitch.
  • No spool changing which saves time while increasing productivity.
  • Quick, consistent and easy set ups.
  • Eliminates Tangling - SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® is encased in a plastic wrap which prevents the wire from tangling.
  • Eliminate wasted wire and down time caused by tangled wire therefore reducing waste and costs.
  • Reduces risk in transport and damage.
  • Reduces Waste Management - Don't waste time dismantling spools & incurring costs associated with disposal. 
  • Reduces costs in storage and handling.

The SnakeSkin™ Wire-O® Delivery System can be fitted to work with the following machines:

  • James Burn Lhermite® BB400 SpeedbindBB50H and BB43
  • Renz Auto Bind 500, Auto Bind 700Auto Bind 900 and RSB360
  • Rilecart in-line binders
  • Bielomatik in-line binders
  • Sickinger STL1000 (with modifications)

This product is recyclable.snakeskin delivery